Dare to love…


So many loved me and I loved so many

No one is mine and I am for none,
Life hasn’t started yet, but I am done!

Truth and myth depends on time and place,
Now ask your religion to relate love and race.

Before you die and go, just know…
Same is water whether liquid, vapor or snow,
And love is love whether pet, girlfriend or bro…

Life of beauty is twenty to forty,
But love lasts to last breath,
It’s not true, false, less or plenty,
Love is a tale with no death…

Dare to love…
Laugh out loud, learn, glow, grow and sacrifice…
Cry a million tears and suffer, but death can’t suffice.
But dare to love again…

It is undeniable naked truth
Undefined non material myth

True than god, danger than war,
Not just some “devdas” in bar…

Hachiko and the professor, Golumn and the ring…
Some love someone and some love something
But a life without love is nothing. Just nothing… ~Shreyas



My love is heat and light, less I love, more I fight.

When I need you, I’ll kick you,
come here and I’ll kick again.
I test you in my personal pain.

I roar, and I’ll hurt you, I’ll cry with my eyes dry,
I’ll ignore you and I’ll make you cry.

I’ll bet with bad luck and I’ll put you in the bet.
Because you are mine, but you can go if not so…

It’s my fault but you, you apologize,
it’s my play, I am insane and you are wise.

I’ll destroy myself more than my luck does,
if the time is bad I’ll make it worst…

I will stop pretending for a while, you bear,
when I shout, but don’t you show me your tears.

And keep your ego in your pocket.
While my tail is on fire and I am virtual rocket.

You can help me, but remember I don’t need you.
You are Idiot;
it’s your wish to stay… I have already freed you.

I love you, just bear me for a while, act as if my slave.
Trust me and sacrifice everything for me.
To have a lovely hug from me you have to be too brave.

Again I would be happy and normal,
and we would cease being formal.

I would regret but not now, you wait and watch how.

Just do what you want… you are being observed and me too
I would not say sorry, just if you love me… than I love you too.


I miss you

I miss you, little bit I laugh little bit I cry,
its all over I know and  I’m still holding on, don’t know why.

I said I love you and u added a too,
so sweet of you, darling I miss you too.

I smiled n u smiled, so sweet smile.
I’ll say honey, no!  Your smile is sweeter than fructose!
Oh my god… too much love with too high dose.

I just remember your giggle,
You are my precious ring and I am your Sméagol!

Your too good eyes behind the specs, so deep,
Ocean full of love, love for me.
I smile, and I cry and just not sleep.

Too much love and too much care,
If it’s the end, just not fair. 😦

You’ll be tearless and I’ll be fearless, you tell the truth and I wouldn’t lie,
I love you and you are my love and I just want to undo that “bye bye…”

We both surrendered and we both ruled,
Was it you or the fate that fooled?

I miss you I miss you I miss you because you miss me,
Oh please my goddess, come here and kiss me.

Forgive me for everything. Oh you goddess of my love.
My love, my life, my potato and my dove!

Hey don’t look me like that. Yes I said forgive me, as I did.
The necklace is incomplete without most important bead.

Hey friends, All of you go and tell her how much I love her,
Bring my queen please, my queen.. . Everything is incomplete without her. 😦    ~Shreyas

Don’t let your spirit die ever!

Don’t let your spirit die ever!
I asked “THEE” would this moment last forever?
Sure never and never.

Y we like to be loved and love to be liked?
When should I stop this hike?

Was it true? Would happen again?
What was lost and what’s the gain?
Answer is pain.
Only pain?

Am I rubbish or my statement?
Time shall vanish it, or some engagement?

It hurts me that I hurt; tell me how I quit being her lover?
I feel, I don’t know when the game was over?

Oh god, please take over my controls, duties, rights and fruits and free me…
I m just ‘not crying’ please see me!

What was the mistake? Is it that I liked or is that she didn’t?
If I don’t say true then only am I gent?

Precious are her feelings to me…
Yes her puzzling ignorance. And silence.

O gal please, you don’t say… I’ll love that way!
“Live your life your way” is what I was advised.
Now you, THOU show me my way… Better you meet half-way!

Did I mind her NO??? No I didn’t.
Do I waste my time? No she is worthy.

This beauty borne from my keyboard…
I am nothing please hand over “she” the reward.

God, THOU tell me who is shreyas??
Word or meaning? Me or U?
No.1 or just roll no.1.??

Cute cat is waiting for me to have his food.
Should I go? Yes I should. No. I must.

Please all of you wait for me because he should not…
I am coming… oh ho my baby

Because spirit should not die ever…
It is mine… now THOU reply me: would it die ever???
No never… no never … no never.!!!!


ભૂલ થી ભૂલ થઇ ગયેલી…

ભૂલ થી ભૂલ થઇ ગયેલી
એક છોકરી અમને ગમી ગયેલી.

મોટી આંખો સુંદર બાલ
અને કેટલું બધું ભણેલી.

કંઠ માં એની કોયલ વસે
ખુબ શરમાય ને થોડું જ હસે.

એને સંગીત નો શોખ
એનાથી વધુ મને એનો શોખ !

શોખ એવો કે એ જ જોઈએ મારે તો,
પણ એ તો શિવ ની કૃપા થી મળે જેમ નળ ને મળી’તી દમયંતી.

દુર છે એનું ઘર દરિયા કિનારે
એટલે ના પાડી ગઈ આંખો ના ઈશારે..
ખુશ રહેવું તો ધરમ નું કામ એટલે કરવું જ રહ્યું, ભલેને યાદો ના સહારે.

ભૂલ થી ભૂલ થઇ ગયેલી, એ સુસ્વરા ગમી ગયેલી
સમય થયો ભૂલ ને પણ ભુલાતી નથી

~શ્રેયસ (તા.  ૧-૬-૨૦૧૧)