Let me go!

how? why?
i wanna know..
so let me go.
loads of memories, n love but
unbeareble me in me!
so let me go.
more painful it is for me thn to you,
but smone somewhere needs to be healed,
so let me go.
to endure pain to strive smthing
that i don’t know
let me go
mind emotionally virgin no more!
follows me like shadows
nowhere to go,
but let me go.
Cursed of knowledge
too much and so too little
aching in brainass!
so let me go.
not in stars, or rain, or clouds,
not in peace, not in loud.
smthing too big but too small,
smthing fearful but blissful,
smthing unregrettable, supreme, real,
smthing that compensate sacrifices,
somewhere nowhare, where i am no one.
so let me go… push me, lead me, throw me,
tear me off but let me go.
~ Shreyas Versified


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