I hate you.


I am your coffee cup.
Have me sip by sip…
Make me linger on your lips. 😉

O queen of the sins…
Let’s start that game
You win or I give up,
Additionally you can blame!

O bitter heart baby,
Do you think I don’t know?
I am all aware,
about your fantasies… 😉

O killer of the sages,
When you hit me on the highway
With you your SUV jeep
Without any pip! 🙂

O master of miscreants… 
Remember when you killed me 
wid a knife;
Blunt…! o.O
N The hungry dogs you sent…
Nothing could save me
Nor an impossible stunt!
And your shooting practice,
Without a single misfire!
I know your every desire… 😉

O teacher of the vamps…!
Kill me now, 
With a poisonous kiss,
Or a strong hug,
That breaks my ribs!
N Dump me where you dug… 😉

This poem polarized, 
The stream of our relation,
No one is happy when each of us gone,
This is hate… the opposite is known. :* 😉



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