Archive | May 2013

I hate you.


I am your coffee cup.
Have me sip by sip…
Make me linger on your lips. 😉

O queen of the sins…
Let’s start that game
You win or I give up,
Additionally you can blame!

O bitter heart baby,
Do you think I don’t know?
I am all aware,
about your fantasies… 😉

O killer of the sages,
When you hit me on the highway
With you your SUV jeep
Without any pip! 🙂

O master of miscreants… 
Remember when you killed me 
wid a knife;
Blunt…! o.O
N The hungry dogs you sent…
Nothing could save me
Nor an impossible stunt!
And your shooting practice,
Without a single misfire!
I know your every desire… 😉

O teacher of the vamps…!
Kill me now, 
With a poisonous kiss,
Or a strong hug,
That breaks my ribs!
N Dump me where you dug… 😉

This poem polarized, 
The stream of our relation,
No one is happy when each of us gone,
This is hate… the opposite is known. :* 😉



I love you.


I love you in night and daydreams;
I love you in chocolates and ice-creams.

I love you with eyes closed and open; 
I love you with all tears, joy and fun.

I love you like a beggar; love you like a king; 
I love the smile and sorrow that you bring…

I love you in crowd and more when alone, 
I fear the moment when you will be long gone…

I love you with a flower in my hand;
and I love you Even if I proposed without knees bent.

I love you with the love that is irreversible.
I love you even if memories would get disabled.

I visualize your name in fumes of my smoke
I recite it in every song whether pop or folk!

I love you when I think of you; I love you more when I don’t.

I love you when I read; I love you more when I write.
I love you in my exams, in meditation and trance.
Hugs kisses and silence, let me have one of it once.
The love that words can’t explain even if the dictionary ends.
I love you, not just in case, you love me back!

~ Shreyas

I am grey…


Your huts of happiness; I am bulldozer.
I lost you, I am lost & I am looser.
I am lair, I deserve hell-fire.
I lied to me that I know…
I lied to you that I don’t.
Your Tears means nothing to me.
I ignore when you cry, I ignore when your eyes dry.
Even I ignore when you laugh out loud to avoid crying. 
I never apologize to you. My ego is everything.
I crush your dreams under wheels of my will.
I am heartless, I am shameless, I hate you and I will.
Walking miles faking smiles…
I cheat, I betray, my only color is grey!
Happier would you be; more the distant you stay…


Piece of advise. ;)

Because luck is of two types: bad and worst!
Go with heart. 😉

Because some truths are lies and some lies are truth,
Be with beautiful. 😉

Because you are not slave nor just bunch of genes,
Deny the destiny.

Because time is moving irrespective of happiness and distress,

Because death is sure and karma is a bitch,
Watch your feet.

Because love hurts and no-love kills,
Be alive.

Because desires become anger, you can’t help.
Keep quiet.

Because you cannot be rich enough and forever happy,
Become awesome. 😉

~ Shreyas