Dare to love…


So many loved me and I loved so many

No one is mine and I am for none,
Life hasn’t started yet, but I am done!

Truth and myth depends on time and place,
Now ask your religion to relate love and race.

Before you die and go, just know…
Same is water whether liquid, vapor or snow,
And love is love whether pet, girlfriend or bro…

Life of beauty is twenty to forty,
But love lasts to last breath,
It’s not true, false, less or plenty,
Love is a tale with no death…

Dare to love…
Laugh out loud, learn, glow, grow and sacrifice…
Cry a million tears and suffer, but death can’t suffice.
But dare to love again…

It is undeniable naked truth
Undefined non material myth

True than god, danger than war,
Not just some “devdas” in bar…

Hachiko and the professor, Golumn and the ring…
Some love someone and some love something
But a life without love is nothing. Just nothing… ~Shreyas


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