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Cigarette is injurious to health.
Don’t read the below poem if an eclipse freaks you out,
if you hate addicted peoples, atheists and followers of other religions.

Now you can stop smiling, click is over!

Dedicated to my dear master Lord Shiva and glass of red wine… 😉

Race, cast, truth and false, all are state of mind.
Hitlor seemed unjust and Gandhi was boring and kind.
Love the nature & find out the manual(religion?) in your mind.

As the books made you geek,
the nature made me freak!

Nature decides the team
pandavas win the battle. but Karna is the winner.
saruman vs frodo? forget! ring belongs to smeagol!

Who created witches, wolves and vampires?
your dirty mind is hell that never tires. 😉

“Act as****e” and go to heaven
or go to hell
and say f**k You daemon!

God is freak and you are joke,

Hellow surrogates of the soul, evoke!
Be the hunter or get hunted down,
do everything and disappear,
or do nothing and get noted down,
laugh kiddo, papa had a reappear. 🙂

Don’t be but don’t live like rest,
if mass=energy then sound would be having taste! o.O

Live like a kid and love like a mom,
cutest puppies don’t belong to any home! 😦

Slaughter an innocent in the name of sacrifice,
imprison the women if the veil can’t suffice!

More the action defined,
more you misuse the definition.
Its not just once Jesus died,
everyday you perform crucifiction!

Someday YoU wILL ReaLise

God is never visible and souls don’t dribble.

Stupidity is never rewarded,
and intelligent is never dead.

Hoors do not exist but whore did! o.O
now it is too late.
life was gamble but idiot, you bid??!!! 😛
a warning before expiry date.

trust your books and no matter how much u struggle…
I would be still Mr.Potter and you, still Mugggle. 😉 😀


Dare to love…


So many loved me and I loved so many

No one is mine and I am for none,
Life hasn’t started yet, but I am done!

Truth and myth depends on time and place,
Now ask your religion to relate love and race.

Before you die and go, just know…
Same is water whether liquid, vapor or snow,
And love is love whether pet, girlfriend or bro…

Life of beauty is twenty to forty,
But love lasts to last breath,
It’s not true, false, less or plenty,
Love is a tale with no death…

Dare to love…
Laugh out loud, learn, glow, grow and sacrifice…
Cry a million tears and suffer, but death can’t suffice.
But dare to love again…

It is undeniable naked truth
Undefined non material myth

True than god, danger than war,
Not just some “devdas” in bar…

Hachiko and the professor, Golumn and the ring…
Some love someone and some love something
But a life without love is nothing. Just nothing… ~Shreyas

I miss that girl and that’s it.



Don’t ask me to smile; don’t ask me to be wise,
Hell with your party and hell with your surprise,
I miss her and that’s it.

Let me drink in that corner, Let me bleed and don’t show up,
Now I am a man in love, you people also grow up…
I miss her and that’s it.

Yeah I am insane, failed and fucked up
but don’t you advise me, just shut up.
I miss her and that’s it.

Ignore my screams; that are for her only,
Thousands of idiots around and life is lonely,
I miss her and that’s it.

I want to make her laugh by nonsense jokes,
I want to do it wrong way and hear her advice,
I want to tease her, flirt with her and make her blush,
I want to see her fake anger and repeat my fake sorry,
I want to feel again those beats of my heart when she hugged me,
I want her to care for me, I am not well…
I want to make her know… I miss her and that’s it…