Archive | December 2012

I love my dad and vice versa…


I love my papa, villain of my enemies.
Problems are locks and he has all the keys.

I want to thank him and touch his feet.
I miss those days, my mistakes and holy beat. 🙂

He is always proud of me,
no matter how many times I fail,
he likes to keep me as me,
and my sweet home is the best jail.

He taught me not to quit any day.
Cross with same passion;
whether there’s a small lake or a bay.
His each action is a lesson.

I am genius for him, he doesn’t mind so I waste his money. 🙂
His tears hurt me in the heart and his hug taste as honey.

He wants me to be strong
strong like iron, no, nano-steel. O.o
whole world gets me wrong,
but he trusts me still.

He knows the scent of my happiness, and stress,
Dad is mysterious, one hand beat and both bless. 🙂

The force that keeps me calm, generous, good is his care.
He was there every time to back up and make me dare.
In the dark night, when shadows left me, he was there.
When bones cracked and I suffered in pain he was there.

He would not tell me how dear I am to him and vice versa.
But I love him so much and I’ll never leave him and vice versa…

~ Shreyas