Wrong or right

All of them fight to decide am I wrong or right.
Injections are always painful then dog’s bite.

Not right. I am wrong that’s all you want me to agree.
I would do so if some academy gifts you a degree. 😉

I love you and you know,
but why cannot I have bit ego?

I want you without any conditions;
for my truths I have my perceptions.

Tell me go die and wish a hell for me, but
don’t teach now, that you think is well for me.

Just sit beside me, calm and keep quite.
Bigger the problem the bigger is my ego’s height.

Even you don’t teach me, don’t praise me, don’t love me,
I am unknown entity and don’t try to improve me.

Don’t change me. Accept me. I am not fake truth, I am honest lie!
We are half mortal and half eternal, eternity that will never die.

You cannot judge quality of my being, its infinity;
I denied and you said it ignorance… but that was integrity!

Think of the consequence… up to “end in your way”
my win may be bad but yours is worst by the way!

Let it be right and wrong. Let both of us win;
because there is no victim except the victor…

Success is death, death of action. Game over.
Like any beautiful poem gets finished. It’s over…



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