My love is heat and light, less I love, more I fight.

When I need you, I’ll kick you,
come here and I’ll kick again.
I test you in my personal pain.

I roar, and I’ll hurt you, I’ll cry with my eyes dry,
I’ll ignore you and I’ll make you cry.

I’ll bet with bad luck and I’ll put you in the bet.
Because you are mine, but you can go if not so…

It’s my fault but you, you apologize,
it’s my play, I am insane and you are wise.

I’ll destroy myself more than my luck does,
if the time is bad I’ll make it worst…

I will stop pretending for a while, you bear,
when I shout, but don’t you show me your tears.

And keep your ego in your pocket.
While my tail is on fire and I am virtual rocket.

You can help me, but remember I don’t need you.
You are Idiot;
it’s your wish to stay… I have already freed you.

I love you, just bear me for a while, act as if my slave.
Trust me and sacrifice everything for me.
To have a lovely hug from me you have to be too brave.

Again I would be happy and normal,
and we would cease being formal.

I would regret but not now, you wait and watch how.

Just do what you want… you are being observed and me too
I would not say sorry, just if you love me… than I love you too.



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