I miss you

I miss you, little bit I laugh little bit I cry,
its all over I know and  I’m still holding on, don’t know why.

I said I love you and u added a too,
so sweet of you, darling I miss you too.

I smiled n u smiled, so sweet smile.
I’ll say honey, no!  Your smile is sweeter than fructose!
Oh my god… too much love with too high dose.

I just remember your giggle,
You are my precious ring and I am your Sméagol!

Your too good eyes behind the specs, so deep,
Ocean full of love, love for me.
I smile, and I cry and just not sleep.

Too much love and too much care,
If it’s the end, just not fair. 😦

You’ll be tearless and I’ll be fearless, you tell the truth and I wouldn’t lie,
I love you and you are my love and I just want to undo that “bye bye…”

We both surrendered and we both ruled,
Was it you or the fate that fooled?

I miss you I miss you I miss you because you miss me,
Oh please my goddess, come here and kiss me.

Forgive me for everything. Oh you goddess of my love.
My love, my life, my potato and my dove!

Hey don’t look me like that. Yes I said forgive me, as I did.
The necklace is incomplete without most important bead.

Hey friends, All of you go and tell her how much I love her,
Bring my queen please, my queen.. . Everything is incomplete without her. 😦    ~Shreyas


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