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Don’t let your spirit die ever!

Don’t let your spirit die ever!
I asked “THEE” would this moment last forever?
Sure never and never.

Y we like to be loved and love to be liked?
When should I stop this hike?

Was it true? Would happen again?
What was lost and what’s the gain?
Answer is pain.
Only pain?

Am I rubbish or my statement?
Time shall vanish it, or some engagement?

It hurts me that I hurt; tell me how I quit being her lover?
I feel, I don’t know when the game was over?

Oh god, please take over my controls, duties, rights and fruits and free me…
I m just ‘not crying’ please see me!

What was the mistake? Is it that I liked or is that she didn’t?
If I don’t say true then only am I gent?

Precious are her feelings to me…
Yes her puzzling ignorance. And silence.

O gal please, you don’t say… I’ll love that way!
“Live your life your way” is what I was advised.
Now you, THOU show me my way… Better you meet half-way!

Did I mind her NO??? No I didn’t.
Do I waste my time? No she is worthy.

This beauty borne from my keyboard…
I am nothing please hand over “she” the reward.

God, THOU tell me who is shreyas??
Word or meaning? Me or U?
No.1 or just roll no.1.??

Cute cat is waiting for me to have his food.
Should I go? Yes I should. No. I must.

Please all of you wait for me because he should not…
I am coming… oh ho my baby

Because spirit should not die ever…
It is mine… now THOU reply me: would it die ever???
No never… no never … no never.!!!!



ભૂલ થી ભૂલ થઇ ગયેલી…

ભૂલ થી ભૂલ થઇ ગયેલી
એક છોકરી અમને ગમી ગયેલી.

મોટી આંખો સુંદર બાલ
અને કેટલું બધું ભણેલી.

કંઠ માં એની કોયલ વસે
ખુબ શરમાય ને થોડું જ હસે.

એને સંગીત નો શોખ
એનાથી વધુ મને એનો શોખ !

શોખ એવો કે એ જ જોઈએ મારે તો,
પણ એ તો શિવ ની કૃપા થી મળે જેમ નળ ને મળી’તી દમયંતી.

દુર છે એનું ઘર દરિયા કિનારે
એટલે ના પાડી ગઈ આંખો ના ઈશારે..
ખુશ રહેવું તો ધરમ નું કામ એટલે કરવું જ રહ્યું, ભલેને યાદો ના સહારે.

ભૂલ થી ભૂલ થઇ ગયેલી, એ સુસ્વરા ગમી ગયેલી
સમય થયો ભૂલ ને પણ ભુલાતી નથી

~શ્રેયસ (તા.  ૧-૬-૨૦૧૧)